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Really appreciative of Ananta’s unique expression. Her spontaneous meeting of needs. The powerful transmission that holds the group. Clarity of meeting each person in consciousness, with consciousness. Very natural, grounded approach. Beneficial to hear Ananta’s expanded wisdom. It would be nice from this time zone to have a later start, as usually I get to bed at 2am so getting up for a 4.30am start is a bit of an adjustment, obviously shows how I find the value of attending. It is healing, especially for the parts that survived a hostile, shame based environment, to be held in a safe, loving environment, thank you.


Getting involved in a “love affair with life” for eight weeks with Ananta helped me to bring to light the deeply hidden obstacles of an early trauma from the depths of the unconscious. Both pairwork and the personal meetings with Amnanda turned out to be in-depth experiences in self-exploration. Feelings of inferiority, insecurity, self-doubt, fear and ….., Which we like to hide from ourselves behind a facade, were allowed to simply be, were welcomed with love. To experience this acceptance, the self-evident acceptance and also justification, helped that repressed experience in early childhood can be revealed. These experiences open up a relaxation in one’s own energy system that leads to healing. Ananda has this wonderful gift of taboo acceptance, lives it authentically and creates a humorous and loving atmosphere in the meetings that encourages you to open up courageously to your own life, everything is welcome, may be and show itself. Inferiority, shame and guilt also found their way into the light. In this context, I found self-exploration with a partner to be particularly supportive. For this purpose, Ananta asked five questions every week about a certain aspect of our own life. This self-exploration took place in a fixed setting and made it possible to unmask resistance, to discover the unknown, to open up more access to oneself in order to develop joy and love there too. These eight weeks, without all the holy bells and whistles that one often encounters in the spiritual scene, were profound, healing and liberating. If you really want to get to know each other and get rid of all ballast, Ananta is a competent, experienced, spiritual “guide” with a clear view and a big heart to which nothing is alien. 🙏💗💕


Upon reflecting it feels like Ananta’s presence has amazing power to crack up the shell of separation and expose the illusions on the mind. I have a significant increase in my ability to be present for my wounded child. Ananta thank you for being of service to humanity! Namaste, KD - NY, USA


I love the way she speaks the truth and touches my heart. I have met a lot of spiritual teachers, and there is on one so genuine and loving as she.

Eveline Van

It was perfect. The meditation was exactly long enough and there were inspiring talks afterwards. I really need this once in a while.

María Noel

Presence at the begining was very palpable. Aferwards I got used to it.

Karen H

The energy of the group was amazing and download of words transmitted were answers to recent questions of mine.


amazing.. beyond words


I’m trying to click all 5 stars but it only lets me choose one! I hope there will be a replay please. I had not slept well and my attention was going in and out for the first hour. Thank you so much.


Wonderful to connect so deeply. So nurturing. Much love and gratitude ❤️🙏🏻


Hoping very much there will be a replay for us … ?

Abha Martina

It is amazing how the questions I had got answered by itself …Thank you both for this meeting and for all the videos available , they are a huge support to me .


Thank you Ananta from my heart. Could feel waves of peace and serenity. Beautiful.


Powerful & at the same time gentle, loving presence - an invitation to be playful, curious and open.


again a deeply fulfilling and well structured retreat … providing us with a powerful and safe place to open up and focus on our inner world and to connect with each other … for me there was deeper seeing into where I start shutting down or feel the discomfort of certain sensations experienced … a real sense of standing stronger in the seeing and being less overwhelmed and scared of sensations with accompanying emotions this time
This feels like very small part of all the processing that took place throughout the whole retreat and I always
feel that I want to do it all over again ! so enormous love and gratitude to Ananta and all the other participants on that wild and precious trip 🙏🙏🙏🙏


These 3 days were so helpful (understatement) and a truly wonderful experience for me. Transformational. Thank you so much Ananta and the amazing team Barbara and Jo-Ann


Meeting with Ananta in Satsang was very interesting and I felt a deepening connection to my real self….Thank you!! Laird


Being on the spiritual path for 30 years I was blessed to meet a lot of different spiritual teachers, who teached and helped me a lot to become myself known. It was a long journey, because a early childhood trauma was waiting for a deap and profound healing at the core of myself. Ananta is able to see, feel, touch and guide into this deapest depth. Her true love, radical honesty, authenticy and ability to hold the space of devine love in which all can be seen and dissolve - her decine gift. This gave me the feeling of trust into her guidiance to release and liberate this
emotional pain


While waiting for the retreat to start, meditating but thinking of a problem with my brother, spontaneously I felt Ananta showing me a higher way to view the situation by allowing me to feel compassion for him. During the retreat many of her messages to all and others pointed directly to issues I had been having.


Wonderful, deep retreat. Ananta skilfully brings me right back to the truth of myself and enables me to live more and more in my freedom. It’s priceless and, for me, life changing.