Aligning to our Innate Wisdom ~ Integrated Awakeness on all levels (ONLINE)

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Fri 2 Apr, 12:30 - Mon 5 Apr, 19:00 (BST)
Online Zoom Video Conference  

Align to your Inner Light

4 Days of Dedicated Self Inquiry

Are you interested in Deepening in Self Realisation while integrating this into daily life ?

In the midst of a fast changing and sometimes challenging world what can we truly rely on??

​Are you ready to take on this life as a DivineHuman Being and live fully while staying Awake?

We are Diving Deep, Meeting Life Totally and Opening UP to Embody the Light of Being.

The approximate format for this online retreat, starting at 12:30pm BST (London) and ending at approx. 7:00pm BST each day, is:

🌿 12.30pm ~ 30 mins. Movement meditation, TOGETHER streaming, then a 15 min. lay down in silence and then a 15 min. break to get your drink, etc.

🌿 1.30pm - 2.45pm ~ Transmission from Ananta (Dropping/intro or interaction, whatever happens).

🌿 4.15pm - 6.00pm ~ Short talk and Interaction working with each Being who has signed up for “The Full Monty”

🌿 Dance meditation TOGETHER online at 6.30pm

See your personal time zone at the very top of the page just below the title.

Meeting Guidelines and Information on using Zoom

This 4 Day deep dive is for you if:

✨You are at a point in life where you know the old ways of being no longer work and would like to discover a Truer and deeper way of relating in the world that puts and end to suffering and enhances your deepest creative expression.

You had enough of living as if you are a separate person that looks outside to be seen as a source of self-worth and is therefore locked into unhealthy patterns that eventually lead to suffering.

Your values are changing and you realise that no amount of things ‘out there’ will give you any real stability or lead you to ultimate peace and fulfilment.

You already know or trust there is something much more to you to be found at the core of your own being where true guidance is your birthright and ancient wisdom resides.

It’s for those who are ready and willing to die or cut the identification as a separate ego-identity and face what is Here in Truth and realise what is already Free to meet all of Life.

You are ready to deeply discover who you really Are and what it truly means to be Free!

This is a committed energy field in which everyone is asked to attend with full Presence, respecting the guidelines placed by Ananta in which to support the collective field we co-create, bringing all of ourself to the whole process with totality!**_

There are two different tiers available to join this online retreat, all participants will also receive audio files for all sessions:

Tier 1 - The Full Monty ~ Personal Interaction with Ananta ~ £319 (By the day also available)

     EARLY BIRD FULL MONTY INTERACTIVE  £240 until March 15th!

This is for a small group of Beings, for those who would like to have personal interaction directly working with Ananta.

We will reserve only 20 places for this tier in order to allow those Beings enough possibility and have time for personal guidance and interaction with Ananta

Tier 2 ~ No Personal Interaction with Ananta ~ £129 (By the Day also available)

    EARLY BIRD £99 until March 15th!

This tier is to offer the possibility for others to join the whole retreat in the same way, apart from having the possibility to raise the hand and work directly with Ananta.


Anyone else who would love to join yet has financial difficulty, we invite other forms of energy exchange; we are a very small team working hard consistently behind the scenes and always need support, we are open to explore.

You may contact us and let us know of your offerings.

“Ananta’s presence has amazing power to crack up the shell of separation and expose the illusions on the mind. I have a significant increase in my ability to be present for my wounded child. Ananta thank you for being of service to humanity!” ~ Namaste, KD - NY, USA

“Wonderful, deep retreat. Ananta skilfully brings me right back to the truth of myself and enables me to live more and more in my freedom. It’s priceless and, for me, life changing.” ~ Sharon, UK

“Being on the spiritual path for 30 years I was blessed to meet a lot of different spiritual teachers, who teached and helped me a lot to become myself known. It was a long journey, because a early childhood trauma was waiting for a deap and profound healing at the core of myself. Ananta is able to see, feel, touch and guide into this deapest depth. Her true love, radical honesty, authenticy and ability to hold the space of divine love in which all can be seen and dissolve - her divine gift. This gave me the feeling of trust into her guidiance to release and liberate this emotional pain.” ~ Tarika


As a species we are facing extremes more than ever in challenging and unimaginable times which in turn evokes a stronger calling in the depth of our Heart to open to new ways of Living and Being on this Earth plane.

A certain amount of incarnated Humans are now ready to open up to multidimensional levels as Light Beings and consciously embody what they came here for on this Human Plane while living in the extraordinariness of ordinary life. Is that you?

On the Human Level….

There is Nothing we ever need to do about darkness other than ‘Bring in the Light’.

Life has a way of speaking and calling us to deeply question everything from a soul level…

Every event in life is the opportunity to give priority to a deeper calling… with no exception.

Do you long to be Free of worry, tension and emotional suffering?

Your True Nature is your Sanctuary of profound Wisdom and Guidance.

It is always time to access new levels of your own Being. All questions are answered and are at rest in the Source of your own Being.

Ananta facilitates the direct meeting and recognition of one True Self both individually and within a group meeting with no separation.

Each participant plays there very unique and important part to reveal what we have all experienced in our humanness and we see we are processing the collective and personal at the same time, we see through all of it in a new and updated way.

It’s just so obvious there is no separate self to be found, we see it over ad over and deepen I this seeing.

These Meetings are focused on ‘Deepening in Self Realisation’ by dropping ever more deeply into the very source of Existence.

Together we taste an undeniable universal Truth directly in an integrative way, meeting all that appears in our Humanness, the pain, the trauma, all feelings, mental, physical and emotional while being willing to meet all in totality in a way that transforms and remakes the body as well as the collective infusing Light waves through all levels.

This can be experienced as an upgrade to the entire system we call the Body/Mind and your very Soul has come Here for That.

Each session will begin with either a movement meditation and/or a guided dropping into the depth of Being where all separation falls away, merging as Truth itSelf.

Ananta will then give a direct transmission, that points and evokes the direct experience of what is already known at the core… evoking remembrance and recognition of our shared Divinity

Anything can happen and all is welcome, old wounds can arise and be met in a way that finally brings profound Healing and Transformation.

Whatever is appearing is then invited and included in this intimate field of Awakened Awareness, otherwise felt as Pure Love.

Quite naturally the unfolding takes place through each one and is seen to be happening in all, it is a journey of one movement. Just as Life is. What is happening in One, moves through all.

Each session builds upon the next and may produce the experience of expansion and bliss, but do not be worried… this too shall pass!

These meetings are a powerful opportunity for Profound Realization and transformation that touches every corner of your life.

See your personal time zone at the very top of the page just below the title.

Meeting Guidelines and Information on using Zoom

Ananta Kranti

Online Zoom Video Conference