"An opportunity to dive Deeper" ~ 'Meeting in Truth' WILL BE AN ONLINE MEETING

£19 gbp
Sat Feb 29, 3:15 - 5:15 PM (GMT)
The Float Spa, 8 Third Ave, Hove, UK  


Is there a calling in your Heart for a deeper Truth and meaning to be revealed in your everyday life?

What is this life really all about for you…?

Do you long to be Free of worry, tension and emotional suffering?

What is a ‘Meeting in Truth’?

Here is the invitation to drop into deeper levels of Who and What you really Are and to explore directly what is calling for clarity.

These Meetings are focused on ‘Awakening & Deepening’ by dropping ever more deeply into what you really Are, tasting Truth directly through Self Inquiry, and meeting all that appears in humanness from a point of clear seeing.

The session begins with a guided dropping into the depth of pure BEing where all separation falls away.

Ananta will then offer an inspirational talk and following that, invite explorations as well as Q & A.

These meetings are a powerful opportunity for Profound Realization and transformation.

Ananta has over two decades of experience in guiding ‘others’ deeper, no matter whether you are a beginner starting out on your journey or already ‘Awake’ to your True Self, deepening is Endless and these meetings offer a potent field of Awakened Awareness in which divine Essence fills the space and immersion takes place.

Book your place Now if you feel called, space is limited.

For those of you who value this meeting and would love to come, yet have financial issues through unemployment, etc., you may contact Gaby to apply for a concession.

If you find online reservations are fully booked, you may contact Gaby or Chris to see if there are spaces left to ‘pay on door’.

Ananta Kranti

The Float Spa, 8 Third Ave, Hove, UK