"Bringing Trauma to Light" ~ An Ongoing Online Intensive Series with Ananta

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Sun Feb 9, 6:00 PM - Tue Feb 18, 6:00 PM (GMT)
Online Zoom Video Conference  

This is an ongoing Intensive Series which continues in March (see listing) and will organically reveal itself over several months.

You may join Ananta for as many meetings as you wish during the series.

The pricing for these 2 meetings includes audio files for both meetings.

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Ananta offers a 25% discount off Sangha membership for the next 3 months, this includes the next 6 Bringing Trauma to Light meetings (including video replays)
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“I have been around the spiritual block for 35 years meeting all the right masters, and yet I have never experienced as much intense energy or insights…” - Laird, Chicago, USA

“I have never had this level of confirmation about how to stand as awareness” - Mary


This event is FREE for the Sangha, details are on the Sangha website.

Collective trauma is now coming to the surface and showing up through our individual life stories, and there is a readiness to meet it like never before…

Trauma has been passed down through generations through the sperm and the egg, it’s nobody’s fault, what was unresolved in one generation is passed onto the next, innocently it waits for resolution.

Then in this very karmic life being lived for the egoic structures, more experiences are had and this perpetuates more trauma…

Those beings who have read the very private diary I shared, the deeply intimate pages of suffering and breakthroughs, will know of a part of ‘my story’ and my share of the trauma that was endured through this experience of being incarcerated in a foreign country and held in solitary confinement for a long period of (apparent) time.

What may be noticed in those pages is the universal suffering of the apparent separate self, and how what is described is known within the physche of our collective mind.

Perhaps that relates or reflects similar places in one’s own personal lives and the prison of the mind’s torment and the workings of how the ego moves in and out of identity, therefore in and out of identification with suffering.

Following on from that sharing came the invitation from life to present a space in which we may all meet together and explore the levels of trauma, healing, resolution and cutting attachments to suffering and True freedom.

I am seeing an ongoing series around this subject of bringing ‘Trauma to Light’ and the process lived through for this one to overcome and integrate those levels as a vehicle of Self Awareness and embodied Self Realisation.

This is a subject that is on the table now in our collective arena and we are all being called to take responsibility to resolve past trauma and cut the attachment to suffering, to let it end with us, without passing it on.

It is Now time to reclaim the birthright of our Sovereignty!

We will start this series with 2 calls in February, this is the only commitment required to start this journey together.

With all the unconditional love in Existence.

OM Shanti

This meeting begins with a deep dropping into pure BEing, to rest in the innocence of our deepest and truest Self, in this level of our Being we have never been touched, and remain as pure and pristine as has always been, untouched, unscathed by any trauma.

We bathe in the Essence of our True Nature. In the Light of Love.
We meet Here directly as One.

Ananta will then introduce the meeting and invite interaction as well as Q & A with the intention for transformational healing.

The cost for these two calls is £23 and includes the audio files for both meetings - sign up Now!

Ananta Kranti

Online Zoom Video Conference