Join Ananta at Colourfest! ~ CANCELLED on March 28, 2020

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Thu Jun 4, 10:00 AM - Tue Jun 9, 5:30 PM (BST)
Colourfest, Gaunt's House, Dorset, UK  

🔺 Due to the Coronavirus this event has been cancelled.

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Ananta has been invited as a Headline Tutor for Colourfest 2020 and will be holding Meetings in Truth.

Many who have been attending these regular meetings with Ananta have finally ended ‘the search’ and recognised their True Nature, with no turning back, through her direct and intimate pointings. From this point of clear seeing, the beginning begins… Same same, but different!

“I have been around the spiritual block for 35 years meeting all the right masters, and yet I have never experienced as much intense energy or insights…” - Laird, Chicago, USA

“I have never had this level of confirmation about how to stand as awareness” - Mary


4th June-7th June 2020
Gaunts House, Petersham Lane, Wimborne, Dorset. BH21 4JQ

Colourfest is a dynamic, beautiful and constantly evolving gem of a gathering that celebrates life through connection, ceremony, yoga, dance, music, art & theatre.

It was created as an alternative festival for those feeling to connect with life in a deeper way. Upbeat, nurturing and family friendly, we have dreamed a packed program that will speak to the soul in a variety of ways.

The location is beautiful, surrounded by nature, ancient trees and woodland that helps connect us deeply to the land. Our musicians are sourced and chosen for music we feel will soothe, inspire and uplift. We invite tutors and teachers that are well established in their arts and create safe and beautiful environments in which to meet.

For lovers of movement, the festival offers collaborative dance jams, dj sets, a variety of workshops around yoga, the body and psychology of movement, as well as ceremonies and early morning practices rooted in many traditions.

We cater for many moods, from those needing to relax, calm and restore, to those who are seeking connection, release and insight. The program caters for those who are just starting to explore themselves and life in a deeper way, but also offers an incredible depth for those who are already engaged with inner unfolding.

Keeping the event alcohol and drug free adds to the ambience and with all the amazing work taking place in the workshops, the atmosphere continues to charge in beautiful ways to everyone’s benefit.

The event is great for kids, being safe & creative, inspiring them to learn and grow within a gentle and supportive community spirit.

We encourage you to come to the full four days as it takes time to drop into a slower pace and build our resources enough to really open and benefit from what’s on offer.


June 8th & 9th, 2020

150 Tickets only will be released on a 1st come basis.

This year we’re offering the opportunity to spend a further 2 days with our main colourfest tutors to experience a deeper drop into silence, self and depth.

After the main festival closes on the Sunday evening we will base ourselves in the healers field which will be the retreat site for the Monday and Tuesday.

It will be a spacious and deep programme with the main Colourfest tutors Prajna, Ananta Kranti and Mateo.

Meals are included in the retreat ticket price.

Ananta Kranti

Colourfest, Gaunt's House, Dorset, UK